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Fast food culture & obesity; story of a killer lifestyle

Statistics suggest that there are some 35 million obese people in India. Yet, obesity is not seen as a disease here; one of the many ironies of Indian health scenario. The way it has creepily crawled to the top 10 lifestyle problems of modern India is astounding. And this is all the more reason to help alert and educate those who (read majority) are stuck to their couches of just how grim the situation has become. Obesity does not simply take a toll on the physical health but is also a free-ticket to psychological problems like depression, anxiety etc. Sadly, it’s no secret that we all exist in a somewhat callous world full of narrow mindedness, discrimination and unawareness.

Impact of Lifestyle and Imbalance Diet.

Did you know that more than 25 medical conditions or complications are linked to obesity? Diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, heart attack and stroke top the list. Simply put, obesity is the direct upshot consuming more calories than you burn. These ‘extras’ then lead to energy imbalance. Fast food culture being the most popular cause in our fast-paced world is the main convict; it is rich in calories and poor in nutrients. It may suit your schedule perfectly not your body. Environment, peer pressure, genetics’ all these play a role in undermining your say in your weight. But while even obesity due to genetics can be thwarted by your determination and will power, what is peer pressure. Finally, it all comes down to your ability to say no.

Learn to SAY NO when your peers invite you for pizza-burger bash.

Learn to SAY NO to the second piece of burfee or chocolate.

And most of all learn to SAY NO to yourself.

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