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How to avoid sandal-scandal for better Foot Health!

Did you know that the best time to buy footwear is late afternoon? It is because feet get a bit swollen at the end of day. Shoes comfortable at that time will be comfy at all times of day.

With the ignorance of simple facts like these, it is no wonder that foot ailment remains one of the most common but least tackled health issue among young women. How many of your fellow female colleagues you meet daily wear the right footwear according to you? How many of them form the legends of making their leg-ends greasy by doing weekly massages? How many of them get hot in water for relaxing their body foundation points, the feet? Very few!

Where Feet Come First

You may have come across many fashion freaks in the ‘working-women-web’, driven by a strong inclination to look taller and slimmer. How far are they willing to damage their foot-health to be ‘with it’? If you pause to think about it, a pencil-heal has nothing to contribute to your work, unless you job has something to do with the entertainment area.

Foot discomfort is not uncommon but most women think it as no big deal. Inappropriate footwear takes the crown among other causes like bruises, blisters, sprains etc. This is why the use of ankle and foot orthoses and other preventive measures such as regular walking, cardio exercises, etc. have been prescribed over and again for better foot health by many specialists.

Young women do go for this ‘Comfy-yet-Funky’ footwear. How comfy is the million dollar question. Opt for shoes that are resin based and resistant to micro-bacteria and fungus, in short, one that makes you stay away from dirt & dust. And heals as daily wear? Seriously? If you are that fixated with heels, at least keep them for parties. Is your high heel really heel-supportive? Also, one foot would be larger than the other for nearly everyone. Fitting on the larger foot first would be the best way to go about your purchasing. Please keep these in mind while selecting your beauty-based-boots or style-stating-sandals.

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