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International Men’s Health Week advocates women to make moves of wisdom for the men in their lives

A British study has established that 1 in 3 men tend to neglect bad health in the hope that the ailment will ‘disappear’ over time. This tendency is even glorified as a masculine thing.

As a woman, you must be too familiar with this attitude. Plenty of you are sure to have stories of dragging their spouses for health checks because you alone know how vulnerable men are making themselves by refusing to act on indications of ill health. The rationale of International Men’s Health Week is to increase and reinforce the understanding of preventable health issues and promote early detection and cure of illnesses among men and boys.

Are you aware of top men’s health terrors and their triggers? Well, the list is not shocking and includes commonly referred to diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, injuries, AIDS, prostate cancer etc. Triggers to emotional and physical conditions can range from the simplest thing as stress to ignorance towards mild symptoms, sedentary lifestyle, alcoholism, smoking, engaging in casual sex and work pressure.

Prevention is a priority not an option. When was the last time men in your household had a checkup? Skipping checkups is not a way to save cash. What if it leads to something severe simply because they had skipped a medical? Yes, they always insist that they feel fine, but the call for yearly health checks still stands. Some illnesses and conditions don’t even have symptoms, making you more likely to miss an early diagnosis and treatment.

We urge you to keep up with the numbers for BP, sugar level, cholesterol, body mass index, or anything else of the men in your family and keep them informed. Consult a doctor on the kind of tests they should take and how often. The rat race of modern times gives men hardly any time to think, let alone worry about their health. Unfortunately, most men consider it natural being tired and oversleeping on weekends. Can you ensure this is followed in your house?

An urge to sleep throughout the day, recurrent headaches, nervousness, exhaustion, anxiety etc are not signs of a healthy body. In fact, the body is screaming – ‘HELP!!!’ through these symptoms. How do you intend to educate them on this? It is time for men to chuck the traditional linkage of health and masculinity and ASK for & GET help when needed! Do you agree?

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