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Nail Health & Nail Hygiene

Nails are made of multiple layers of Keratin Proteins. This explains why protein-rich foods are strongly recommended for healthy nails. Nails can also reflect one’s overall health by way of the change in color & texture.

General Cleansing of Nails

It doesn’t take much for clean nails. All you need to do is to wash nails and the undersides with a mild soap. For those who like to grow their nails, buying a nail brush would be handy. Due to their length, longish & pointy fingernails can be home to more dirt and germs than shorter ones. Hence the expert advice to keep fingernails & toenails short! This is to prevent accidental scratching as well as for easy maintenance.  For those meticulous ones and those who have dry nails, using a specialized moisturizer is the best way to keep the nails hydrated.


Manicure is a first-rate way to improve your nail health. As the name suggests you needn’t burn a whole in your budget with regular parlor visits. Washing hands and feet in warm water with a spoon of honey and lemon juice can do the trick. Please stay away from acrylic manicure stuffs, be it at parlor or home. It may look glamorous but will ruin the natural smoothness of your nails over time.

Manicuring & trimming of nails is best done after your shower since the nails are dirt-free and more supple then. Don’t forget to clean, sterilize and dry your nail instruments such as nail cutter, nail filer, nail brush & cuticle-trimmer after use to prevent infections like ‘pinworms’.

To prevent the spread of bacteria and nail infections:

  • Keep nails short and trim atleast once a week.
  • Wash the base of nails with mild soap.
  • When you hit the parlor for manicures, see that the tools are sterilized.
  • Ensure that your attendant is wearing gloves at the parlor.
  • Biting or chewing nails won’t solve any issues. Chuck the unhygienic habit.

Sometimes nail infections can be symptoms to serious underlying problems such as liver infection, diabetes etc. If the nail problem persists, it would be safe to consult a doctor.

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Most of you sport enthusiasts may be familiar with muscle cramps.

A sudden seizure in calf muscle can be terrifying at the moment. Swimmers dread drowning. Cyclists tend to wobble and fall down the cycle. Runners feel faintish & may lose consciousness.

It is not unusual for cramps to crop while you play, exercise or jog. Cramps occur when there is intense muscle contraction (when you’re exerting yourself) that result in tiredness of muscles.

Another supposed culprit is sodium balance or lack of it due to drinking less water than your body requires. It often happens that in the middle of an exciting game, one seldom pause to sip some water every now and then. The result is your game getting ruined anyway because of sudden muscle cramp. You can avoid this kind of extreme muscle contraction with keeping a water bottle close by and sipping a little whenever possible.

Making warm ups a compulsory thing before a game is a foolproof way to ward off any impending muscle cramps. A few stretches, bending down to touch toe, hip rotations etc can get your body ready for the vigorous activity you’re going to do. After the warm up session, practice deep-breathing. Put hand on your belly & inhale deeply. Feel the air spiraling to and from your lungs. Feel the stomach rise and fall with each inhalation & exhalation.

Wondering how this helps with possible muscle cramps? When you’re exerting yourself, the normal amount of oxygen you breathe in won’t suffice. That’s when exhaustion occurs, leading to cramp. Deep inhalation can solve this problem while increasing your stamina.

As for joggers, it is better to start with brisk walking for the first 10 minutes. Then jog slowly before picking up speed. This holds true for both new and veteran joggers. In time deep inhalation while enjoying a sport or running will come naturally to you.

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Managing swollen feet during pregnancy…

You must have noticed a steady swelling of ankles in pregnant women. It can make women highly self-conscious and frustrated. Firstly, know that swollen foot is nothing to worry about health wise unless you count the slight discomfort.

Apart from hormonal changes, it happens because your body generates and holds more water than normal when you’re expecting. And fluids tend to collect in ankles which results in swelling.

Though normal, swollen feet can be easily avoided or alleviated if you take certain precautions.

  • Avoid standing for long periods as standing for too long can obstruct proper blood circulation.
  • Avoid sitting cross-legged as much as you can.
  • Always go for comfortable and strong footwear rather than those with tight straps, heels and shoes that are either loose or tight.
  • While sitting, always rest your feet propped up on a stool, or cushions. Resting foot for atleast 30 minutes a day is must. Ideally feet should be kept higher than your heart level as your rest.
  • It may be relaxing to apply ice packed in a plastic cover to swollen areas.

Foot exercises can make it flexible & improve blood circulation to and from leg and heart. Here are some foot exercises especially for pregnant women (and others too) that don’t cause much exertion.

  • While sitting, curve and stretch your feet up and down- This can be done in office, as you watch TV, as you travel in bus etc.
  • Rotate one foot clockwise 10 times and then do it anticlockwise. Do the same with the other foot.

Just as the gradual swelling of feet is normal, sudden swelling warrants expert medical help to make sure that there are no underlying causes. Your gynecologist can monitor this and confirm or rule out any cause for worry.

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Are you at risk? Know How to Avoid Being a Diabetic.

Diabetes – Protect Your Future” – more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes. Almost 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries – estimates WHO.

Every second uncle and aunt you meet on the street nowadays turns out to be a diabetic. So, when your genes and lifestyle are constantly trying to engulf you with this disease, what can you do during the festivities to prevent your tendency of going high on the diabetes scale? Stores of Diwali sweets! Need anything more be said? Friends & relatives flood your house with boxes of yummy sweets.
So, when the whole environment is pushing your sugar levels to soar high, it is you and only you who needs to keep a check.

Take Precautions to Get a Better Handle on Your Blood Sugar
  • Don’t make your stomach a storehouse for all the sugar-laden foods. During the festivities, certainly you cannot resist the temptation, but you must keep your sugar intake low with sweets prepared from artificial sweeteners to satiate your cravings for the most part.
  • Don’t go berserk on your cravings for pastries, fries, cakes and other such processed carbohydrates that are harmful.
  • Don’t replace your thirst-quenching water with sodas, fruit juices, soft drinks or any other flavored drinks. Once in a while, you can have a liquid-treat, but otherwise, water, dairy milk and unsweetened soy are better choices when your throat is dry.
  • Special feasts and treats should be kept for only special occasions. During the festivities, do tend to exercise more to digest what you eat, and stay healthy with frequent portion size meals. Don’t let your cravings guide your nutrition on empty stomach, rather keep it full with regular carbohydrates in the form of cereals, veggies and breads.
  • Choose to cook your food mostly in monounsaturated oils like olive oil.
  • Enjoy your festivals with fun and enthusiasm, but remember your track pants still want you in them. There is no skipping from exercising even during the festive season. Rather you need to exercise more in this time because your calorie intake will surely go high.
  • As it is the onset of cold weather, so you would not feel much urge for fluid-intake, but your body has a same fluid requirement. So, drink water on regular intervals even if you don’t feel like.

Are you keeping a diligent watch on your diet in this festive season?

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Caring for Diabetes

Managing diabetes without the factual knowledge will land you up in a no man’s land. If you try to explore the roots of this sugary-tree, you will find a bunch of everyday precautions that you must take in order to keep it under control. You must get a handle on your high-riding sugar levels by religiously following the routine of diabetic precautions as well as diabetes control measures.

Everyday Diabetic Care

  • Needless to say, being a diabetic, you must avoid sweets and sugary foods due to inadequate insulin levels to dissolve them.
  • If you can’t wake up without a cup of tea and follow it as a ritual, make it sweet using a natural sweetener instead of sugar that forces your sugar levels to go sky high.
  • If you have swollen feet as a result of your longstanding diabetes, you must avoid prolonged standing or walking, and elevate your feet when you lie down.
  • To care of blurred vision, increased pressure sensation in eyes, or eye swelling, you need quality sleep daily. Also, wash your eyes frequently, and never forget to put your reading glasses on while watching TV and while reading newspaper.
  • Don’t give up on your walking routine as it is very beneficial for not just only boosting your stamina, but also to metabolize the glucose running in your blood stream.
  • Don’t shy away from using a walking stick in public if you have trouble walking to diabetic feet to avoid any unnecessary stumble.

Managing and Controlling Diabetes in the long term

  • Keep logging your daily blood sugars in your daily diary to get a fair idea of your average blood sugars. This log will help your doctor to decide what medicine and how much dosage will be appropriate for you.
  • Make it a habit to eat portion size meals at regular intervals so as to avoid any sudden rise in blood sugar level at any time during the day. Keep a candy handy in case your blood sugar records too low on the Glucometer.
  • Take out any fatty and oily foods from your diet chart so as not to accumulate more weight than your aging joints actually can bear, and if possible, you can include the ‘Karela’ seed extract (4-5 seeds boiled in water) for better control of your high-riding sugar levels, which will help create Bovine insulin in your body.

Are you happy with your Glucometer readings?

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Pre-Festival Beauty Planning – Greener the better

Festivals are the time when you are mostly outdoors meeting your relatives or friends. This hardly gives you any time to spend on your beauty treatments. So, before the festive season arrives, your looks must be ready to look adorable. This calls for some pre-festival beauty planning on your part. Here are some tips to pamper yourself at home….

  • Make your skin glow for the occasion. For this, you must work upon your skin atleast two weeks in advance. Proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing, scrubbing, and applying ‘Ubtan’ must be a regular affair for you during these two weeks. This will give you a glowing skin to last this entire festive season.

  • Massage your hair everyday with olive oil and apply ‘heena‘ and ‘amla’ at least 2-3 times before the festivity begins for moisturizing and conditioning your hair naturally and revitalizing your damage hair too..This will provide your hair with the necessary shine and luster and a soothing golden-brownish tinge that will add to the beauty of your untangled locks and stimulate thicker hair growth.
  • Manicure and pedicure must be done 2-3 days in advance to avoid spending much time in fine tuning your fingernails and toenails at the last minute. Soak your hands and feet with your herbal body wash to soften your skin and cuticles to keep the nails short and beautiful. This will help you remove any debris from getting collected inside your skin and nail folds, which if left alone can be an open invitation for fungal infections. Always use a cotton ball with non-acetone nail polish to remove old nail polish.
  • Herbal bath starts with turmeric on the body for glowing look. If you are planning to go for facial, do it approximately a day or two ahead before the beginning of the festive event. A blend of turmeric and natural facial scrub can certainly remove any dead skin cells and make your skin look smooth and radiant as never before. A biweekly facial massage at home can also help you keep your facial skin rejuvenated by promoting the blood circulation through your facial skin with increased oxygenation.
  • There is no “one way” or “right way” to mix and apply henna to add gilding, glitter, to temporary tattoo and body art. It will add to your festive attire and keep you away from unwanted skin allergies and rashes. Mehandi or henna not only known as auspicious but also as a form of festive skin decoration among females of all ages. Henna is anti-bacteria.

It’s time to get your festival face on…

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How to avoid sandal-scandal for better Foot Health!

Did you know that the best time to buy footwear is late afternoon? It is because feet get a bit swollen at the end of day. Shoes comfortable at that time will be comfy at all times of day.

With the ignorance of simple facts like these, it is no wonder that foot ailment remains one of the most common but least tackled health issue among young women. How many of your fellow female colleagues you meet daily wear the right footwear according to you? How many of them form the legends of making their leg-ends greasy by doing weekly massages? How many of them get hot in water for relaxing their body foundation points, the feet? Very few!

Where Feet Come First

You may have come across many fashion freaks in the ‘working-women-web’, driven by a strong inclination to look taller and slimmer. How far are they willing to damage their foot-health to be ‘with it’? If you pause to think about it, a pencil-heal has nothing to contribute to your work, unless you job has something to do with the entertainment area.

Foot discomfort is not uncommon but most women think it as no big deal. Inappropriate footwear takes the crown among other causes like bruises, blisters, sprains etc. This is why the use of ankle and foot orthoses and other preventive measures such as regular walking, cardio exercises, etc. have been prescribed over and again for better foot health by many specialists.

Young women do go for this ‘Comfy-yet-Funky’ footwear. How comfy is the million dollar question. Opt for shoes that are resin based and resistant to micro-bacteria and fungus, in short, one that makes you stay away from dirt & dust. And heals as daily wear? Seriously? If you are that fixated with heels, at least keep them for parties. Is your high heel really heel-supportive? Also, one foot would be larger than the other for nearly everyone. Fitting on the larger foot first would be the best way to go about your purchasing. Please keep these in mind while selecting your beauty-based-boots or style-stating-sandals.

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